When World Collide: Global brands meet local culture

Nigel Hollis
Millward Brown, United States

Jorge Alagòn
Millward Brown, Mexico

Gabriel Castellanos
Millward Brown, Colombia


A strong brand is a valuable asset that can serve a business in many ways. A strong brand, one that consumers are bonded to on an emotional level, can help drive sales volume, justify a price premium, and protect future profits. Having created a strong brand in one country, many companies seek to replicate that success abroad. However, there is no guarantee that a strong brand in one country will readily replicate its success in another. All too often, companies seeking to extend their brand's footprint to the global stage discover that what worked at home does not necessarily work abroad. Differences in disposable income, consumer needs, cultural values, and customs all create barriers that make it difficult to recreate the same degree of success in a new country.