City of Antwerp and Local Police: Thank you for not speeding

LDV United


Company Name: LDV United
Country: Belgium
Client name: Local Police City of Antwerp
Entry category: Local and Regional Authorities
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 23/8/2010 to 30/9/2010


The local police of the city of Antwerp wanted to promote and improve traffic safety by encouraging people to respect speed limits. Instead of using the stern voice of the authorities, LDV United created a campaign that empowered Antwerp citizens to spread the message ‘thank you for not speeding’ themselves. We used a striking medium to disperse the message: large signs, often used by real-estate agencies, that could be attached to your house. People could receive a free sign at one of the pickup locations or reserve one online on the website ‘’. Every sign could be personalized by adding your name, the names of your children, street or community. There were no logos printed, because a sincere message from one citizen to another can only be genuine when nobody else is gaining from it.