From the editor: Food for thought

Colin Grimshaw

The Wikipedia entry for food marketing leads with a couple of extraordinary facts – no less than 56 companies are involved in the making and marketing of one can of chicken noodle soup. And food marketing is the largest non-government employer in the US.

Getting food to market requires an unrivalled collaboration of activities that straddles agriculture, technology, science, manufacturing, logistics, retail and, of course, marketing, all allied to one brand objective that satisfies a consumer desire. It's a complex business, and as this month's Admap Focus on Marketing Food shows, it's not getting any simpler.

These days food doesn't just have to be tasty and nutritious, it has to meet a host of society's expectations – in health matters such as allergies and obesity, environmental impact, sustainability (think fish), animal welfare, not to mention product labelling with ingredient detail that passes the test of the most stringent of diet fads.