iSelect: From 'puffin muffin' Millie to memorable and motivating Mr iSelect

Entry Number: 47

Agency: AJF Partnership

Advertiser: iSelect

Author: Jody Elston

Total Campaign Expenditure: $5 – 10 million

Strategic communications challenge

This is a story about insurance. Yawn. Private Health Insurance to be exact. "PHI". Boooorrrring. You've probably already switched off like millions of Australians do every day. Let's see if we can pique your interest.

iSelect is the David, versus the Goliath health insurers in a 17 billion dollar market1. Like all great challenger brands, iSelect has a fun and cheeky spirit. The "Millie" character came to life in iSelect's original campaign back in 2003, a ditzy blonde with catchy slogans like "You'd have to be puffin muffins/wrestling rhinos/biffin bonkas to buy health insurance any other way". It didn't make much sense but it got iSelect into people's heads and onto the website to compare their options.