Hell Pizza: Pizza Roulette

Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland

Advertiser: Hell Pizza
Brand: Hell Pizza
Country: New Zealand


Takeaway pizza. Here in New Zealand, it's a category dominated by the two big multinational brands, Dominos and Pizza Hut, who treat the category as "a race to the bottom". The product is generic, as is the marketing, and the focus is relentlessly on price, price, price. In 2012, this approach reached its natural conclusion: a price war with Dominos finding a way to make a pizzas for less than $5, only to be bettered by Pizza Hut, whose CEO "won't rule out" a $2 pizza. Like most wars, no-one wins. By year end, massive drops in both sales and profit were being reported by the chief combatants .

Except for one. Hell Pizza is a New Zealand brand that's taken the conventional wisdom in takeaway pizza and turned it upside down. For starters, Hell only sells premium, high quality pizza, made with the finest ingredients. Unlike its competitors, Hell has specialised in provocative, in-your-face branding – starting with their name - and innovative, ground-breaking new product development. And best of all Hell rarely resorts to discounts. Even their lowest priced offer still commands more than 250% of the price of their rival's comparable discount product. Despite far smaller resources and marketing budgets, this commitment to quality product and innovative advertising had seen Hell become a force to be reckoned with.