Consumer research: The perfect storm

David Smith
DVL Smith

The demands on consumer insight teams are changing out of all recognition, so marketing directors need to be clear on the mindset and skill-set needed in the coming years. David Smith questions whether insight teams are ready for the increasing complexity of the consumer environment and advises on what is needed.

Over the next few years, companies will struggle even more than they are now to find differentiating positions for their brands in an increasingly competitive market.

In the past, companies may have paid lip service to the concept of customer-centricity, but over the next few years they will need a much greater focus on understanding – at a more profound level – how people buy and interact with brands.

The pressure is on customer insight professionals in companies and research agencies to raise their game. These individuals not only need the skills to unearth insight, but must also be strategic in their thinking and know how to apply insight to the creation of business growth.