Sainsbury's: What will you turn your Nectar points into?


The team

Helen Hunter, Victoria Redfern, Helen McGrath, Premal Patel, Samantha Kemp, Donna Orman, Holly Pedersen, Kate Wheaton, Melanie Schouw, Lindsay Boyd, Jack Verlander, Jasmine McCorry, Tom Harman, George Bell, Matt Strawson.

How did the campaign make a difference?

This campaign proved that redeeming Nectar points for something completely different was easy and much more emotionally and financially rewarding, reigniting customer enthusiasm and driving deeper engagement with Nectar. The campaign generated a level of engagement never before achieved in Nectar's long history.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Analysis showed that customers who make higher-value Nectar redemptions with out-of-store reward partners become far more loyal and valuable. However, most family customers redeem their points little and often in Sainsbury's. The strategy was to make it more emotionally and financially rewarding to redeem differently, and overcome the perception that redeeming differently would be difficult. The campaign provided a simple choice of double value rewards aimed at families (swimming, days out, cinema and restaurants). Customers could do the whole thing in-store while grocery shopping. A multichannel, integrated campaign was developed to maximise the opportunity, using paid, owned and earned media. Different media roles were defined: PR, TV and radio inspired interest, while online and direct mail deepened relevance and interest. Websites and store communications simplified "how to redeem". Facebook and Twitter amplified the campaign, with video, competitions and kids' activities.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?