Nissan North America: Gasoline Powered Everything



Following the early-adopter-focused launch of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, Nissan was keen to sow the seeds of mainstream consideration. We needed to challenge gasoline (gas) as the dominant form of automotive power.

People were immediately dismissive of electric power's appeal, claiming it was just too new. Yet nearly everything they depended on in their daily lives was electrically powered – their phone, toaster and toothbrush. In this context, electric was perfect for them: easy, convenient and quiet. The non-car environment was a safer space for the electric discussion.

The power of changing the context was clear and we aimed to challenge perceptions of gas in the same way. The refueling routine has made gassing up a routine and unquestioned act. Removed from the automotive context though, people could face its absurdities. In lawn mowers and leaf blowers, gas sucked – it was loud, dirty and dangerous.