OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - Content: The secret weapon that fuels sales

Sherri Leopard

The sales and marketing gap is narrowing, thanks to digital channels that make rich, targeted and timely content more accessible than ever.

GROWTH IS THE NAME of the game. But for many, that means taking risks by entering new markets and finding new ways to further penetrate existing markets. With so much at stake, neither sales nor marketing has the time or money to go it alone. Working together, they stand a chance to help their companies grow in multiple dimensions at the same time. Yet the sales and marketing gap in most organizations is still sizable. And that's not likely to change. At least, not as long as each group is working with separate expectations and measurements.

Think about it. What does the sales department care about? Sales! Marketing measures leads. Good, right? Salespeople use leads to make sales. Sort of. The problem comes when we consider timing and how each group defines a lead. Sales only wants leads that are ready to close that quarter. Marketing often counts a response to a demand generation offer as a lead. The chances that a "responder" will turn into a sale during that quarter? Slim. Maybe nonexistent.