Big Data = Big Problems?

Jason Mander

5 key take-outs for marketers

  • Consumers want to be individual – but they want collectivism that bit more. We call this unique belonging
  • The idea of personalised content is, for the time being at least, preferable to the reality
  • The risk with Big Data is that it takes consumers down too personalised a route, away from the crowd
  • We like marketing where there are enough likes, affirmations or interesting brand connections within. We want to share things with people who are like us.
  • Brands need to work out how to validate tastes within these strictly defined parameters

Big promises

The years ahead are set to see more and more brands turning to content-led strategies as a way to drive engagement and, ultimately, commerce. This much we all know.

But as content becomes king, cutting through the increasing levels of branded noise inside social spaces will become progressively harder. It's here that many see Big Data making one of its major contributions, driving the personalisation of how campaigns are positioned and delivered. In this sense, Big Data is a big promise, one that can deliver truly bespoke experiences for customers as well as capitalise on so much of the brand-consumer flirtation that takes place on social platforms. Potentially, it can capture even the most distant of contacts by popping up in the right place, using the right individual's information coupled with the right content.