OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - BP and the power of the Long Tail

Bo Hellberg

BP turned to digital media platforms to communicate its messages, effectively unleashing the power of the Long Tail.

BP HAS COME A LONG WAY on the road to Beyond Petroleum. The company already offers a range of cleaner fuels at its forecourts, and puts a significant proportion of its budget into the research and development of alternative energy sources. But performance fuels and oils still remain essential to the company's portfolio, at least for the foreseeable future.

So how does a large corporation deal with such contradictory messaging without confusing its customers or shareholders? By targeting specific audiences like opinion formers, petrol heads, the CO2-concerned and the football fans, using predominantly digital media. This allows BP to run corporate campaigns, and give consumers peace of mind when it comes to their CO2 emissions - while simultaneously developing immersive brand experiences and product-specific advertising.