Twelve Big Ideas - Dial Soap: How To Keep The Big Idea On Track

Daniel E. Kelly

The Big Idea for Dial Soap came out of the best of all possible sources for big ideas – the product itself.

The simple fact is, there's an ingredient in Dial that we call AT-7. It kills germs on the skin that cause perspiration odor. And it inhibits the growth of new bacteria, even after the shower.

There is one other important factor in the Big Idea for Dial advertising: consistent good manners.

From the beginning – when Dial was launched in 1949 to compete with Lever's Lifebuoy – Dial's advertising has taken a friendly, assumptive, positive stance.


And this stance has not changed in 17 years.

We have always tried to talk to people about an unpleasant subject in the most pleasant way possible.

Dial has never promised eternal romance or an escalator ride to riches. No befores and afters. No pointing fingers. No fog horns. In short, no soap operas.