McDonald's: The Introduction of Real Fruit Smoothies

Category: New Product or Service Introduction
Brand/Client: McDonald's Corporation
Primary Agency: DDB/Tribal DDB
Contributing Agencies: OMD


Let's Start With a Quick Exercise.

Close your eyes. Umm…OK maybe that's not the best approach. So, imagine this. You're craving a smoothie. You can practically taste it. Fresh, ripe, succulent fruit. Sweet strawberries, tart blueberries, smooth bananas blended together in a creamy, icy, refreshing, drink. Yuummm. You can't take it anymore! You have to have one now! Where are you going to go?…Bet none of you said McDonald's.

When people think of McDonald's the first things that come to mind are Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and those perfectly salted, famous fries. When people think of McDonald's, they do not immediately think about fruit smoothies, a fresh, premium, and healthy beverage.