IJMR Young Research Writer award 2012 Finalist: The cookie is still crumbling: the challenges facing cookie tracking research

Adam Ball

MESH Planning (UK)

Judges’ citation

The judges felt that the author tackled in a persuasive way a real issue facing market researchers and marketers today in evaluating awareness and attitudes to advertising messages online. The paper provides some interesting and thoughtful views on the issue, which have a wider application than the field of research covered by the author.



Market research is facing a time of change, not because of the failures of the past, but because of the possibilities of the future. ‘Big data’ is both a blessing and a curse to the research industry, as it gives us the opportunity to gather new and immensely powerful insights, but it also drowns us in a sea of confusion. It is estimated that 90% of current data was created in the last two years, and that figure is only going to accelerate. The problem is that there is simply too much data – how do we find the nuggets of insight that we crave?