Embassy Suites Hotels: More More and More

Category: Travel/Tourism/Destination
Brand/Client: Embassy Suites Hotels
Lead Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Contributing Agencies: istrategylabs, LLC, OMD

State of the brand's business

We've all been hearing it for years: the recession, the sliding economy, the double-dip recession, and on and on. All of this has had obvious effects on the hotel industry – more people opting for the "staycation" and less business travel.

Fortunately, Embassy Suites is well known with relatively high brand awareness, but is still a little guy with only 204 locations versus the thousands of locations that Marriott and other competitors own across the country.

And in our business, when times get tight, competitors start dealing. For almost five years now, competitors have been in a classic race to the bottom – using rate discounts to drive up room nights. Marriott offered two free nights to guests if they registered by a certain date. Sheraton gave guests 40% off on their second night's stay. (Source: Competitrack 2012)