Lowdown: Twitter Amplify

Nick Hirst

Content has been a marketing buzzword for a while now, but how do you get past the hype and make it work for your brand? Twitter Amplify is one option.

Amplify is a three-way partnership between Twitter, content owners, and brands. Let's say your brand is on Twitter to increase reach and be 'part of the conversation'. You face two problems. First, reach is limited. Newsfeeds fill up fast, so not every follower will see your tweet. And unless your tweet is shared (and most aren't), you're only talking to your existing fans, who can't help you grow. Promoted Tweets help here, but don't solve the second problem: people aren't necessarily that interested in clicking on your ad.

What people are interested in is valuable content – the kind they see from content owners such as Sky, NBC or Condé Nast.

Enter Twitter Amplify. It allows content owners to promote their content so more people see it – both by 'pinning' tweets so they definitely appear in the visible part of a user's newsfeed, and by promoting those tweets beyond followers to 'interested' users (where interested means discussing certain topics, following certain associated accounts, or using certain hashtags). The cost is shouldered by brand partners – who in return appear in or around the content.