How brands manage social content at scale: Insights from IAB Innovation Days 2012

Geoffrey Precourt

Consumers are multi-tasking. In fact, they're multi-tasking both work and play to such a degree that the average 'day' has been stretched from 24 hours to nearly 30 in terms of the amount they accomplish. Not only are they spending more time on non-leisure activities (9.2 hours, compared to 7.6 in a non-extended day), but media consumption has increased more than 50%.


'Screens to the nth – What People Are Doing and Why', an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study developed in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT, tries to figure out the impact of a multi-tasking environment. And the only constant in the before-and-after analysis is sleep.

Troy Young
Troy Young
Photo credit: Doug Goodman