NRMA Insurance: How Australia’s largest risk mitigator was convinced to take its biggest ever risk and gained its biggest ever reward

WHYBIN\TBWA Group Sydney

Advertiser: Insurance Australia Group
Brand: NRMA Insurance
Country: Australia


NRMA Insurance set the following objectives:

1. Maintain market share at 44% with a car insurance product that was 8–18% more expensive

This was a tough task given new nimble competitors and insurance aggregators were educating consumers to buy on the lowest price alone.

2. Deliver 3 million customer enquiries within 8 months

In a market of 4.8 million available customers – all of which renew at different times of the year – this was equivalent to engaging 93.75% of the available audience.

3. Maintain cost per call at NRMA's benchmark of $11.60