Pedigree – Pedigree Adoption Drive

Category: Global
Brand/Client: Pedigree
Primary Agency: TBWA


Everything We Do Is For The Love Of Dogs

Although this is a story very specifically about Pedigree's Adoption Drive efforts, importantly, it begins with the story of a brand that had lost its way. It's hard to imagine that the world's largest pet food brand would find itself lost, but after nearly a decade of spotty product and marketing efforts caused by following competitive shifts within the category. In 2004, the future of the brand was in question, not only in terms of an identity crisis, but it was also being squeezed by both the top-end and the bottom-end of the market, eroding sales and market share.

Given this context, a seemingly ‘altruistic effort’ was certainly not the first thing on anyone's mind. However, this identity crisis provided a burning platform to force Pedigree to stop chasing incremental fixes and start re-asserting the power of the brand around the world. To do that, Pedigree had to re-examine what made it such a powerful brand in the first place.