Innovation in market research: Examples from Ericsson, Heinz and HP

Low Lai Chow

Market researchers and insights professionals are used to tracking the impact of new technology on consumer behaviour, but must also address how the same disruptive forces are reshaping their own industry.

As presentations from Ericsson, Heinz and HP at Qualitative 360 – a conference held in Singapore in November 2013 – showed, the various new tools on offer may ultimately provide a deeper and more meaningful understanding of shoppers than ever before.

Ericsson taps mobile apps

As a largely business-to-business operator, telecoms group Ericsson often uses information from its clients to monitor changing habits. "We work with operators who deal with consumers – some of the leading operators today – on how to stay ahead of the market," said Jasmeet Sethi, the regional head of Ericsson's ConsumerLab, its research and knowledge arm.