Client: Procter&Gamble
Brand: Lenor Infusions
Campaign: The Affair
Category: Product/Service Launch

It's no exaggeration to say that the brand changed the colour palette of the category, bringing darkness where once there was only light. Lenor created a premium and exotic positioning with darker packaging and more luxurious fragrances to meet a previously unidentified consumer need. Lenor turned a functional task into a sensorial pleasure. By 2005, Lenor had established a brand positioning of providing personal moments of pleasure, differentiating from the category generic positioning it had formerly shared with Comfort. However, profitability remained an ongoing issue. The UK and Irish markets were dominated by discounting with more than 50% of volume being sold on deal. To address the issue P&G wanted to launch a new premium range in dark-coloured packs. But darkness needed to be handled with care: the fabric conditioner market is 'pastel' coloured and there were concerns that the consumer would reject dark fabric softener as inappropriate for a 'soft' category and likely to 'stain'.