Big Data needs big planning

Dylan Mouratsing
Manning Gottlieb OMD

Data literacy has many cultural and organisational implications, but it's not just about volume – the velocity and variety of data is just as important for how Big Data is used in planning.

As digital media started as an emerging channel at the outskirts of agency life, and slowly drifted toward the centre of successful agencies, the new change that defines the next era for agencies will be the assimilation of data, and the related skills and infrastructure that support this. Just as digital is now often seen as a skill for all, rather than a specific team, we are now seeing the need for data literacy evolve in a similar manner.

One assumption we must challenge to achieve this is the notion that creativity and data are opposed. In fact, as we have discovered, a focus on covering new ground to make new discoveries demands more originality, not less. Where we have started to apply this thinking, we are already seeing positive results.