Audi Australia: Audi Q5 – The 5EARCH

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Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: Australia
Date program started/ended: 9 February – 2 April 2009

Product Description: The Audi Q5 was the first compact SUV that Audi produced. Thanks to its road performance and dynamism, no other compact SUV combines a full range of benchmark technologies, ensuring a superior driving experience. Progressive in attitude, sporty on any terrain and sophisticated inside; Audi has refined the performance SUV

Advertiser/Client Name: Audi Australia
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Marketplace Challenge:

When planning for the launch, Audi looked closely at how they were going to position the vehicle within the Australian market, keeping it in line with the global positioning of ‘Perfectly synchronized engineering’. Locally, marketed as a vehicle of pleasure, they focussed on the complete driving experience and highlighted the new driver-centric technologies as proof of Audi's commitment to Vorsprung durch Technik. The compact luxury SUV market is relatively immature in Australia, with the BMW X3 being the key competitor. These are testing times for the automotive market with environmental concerns, the increasing cost in living expenses, the volatility of petrol prices and the Luxury Car Tax in Australia – all impacting consumer purchasing decisions. The economy will not be fixed in the short term which will further influence tactical activities and see auto manufacturers offer increasingly larger discounts to make sales – the competition was tough. Lifestyle influences the purchase decision to move into this segment – growing family/active sporty/adventurous etc