Media View: It's Boom Time for Business Publishing

More than magazines in the information age

Gordon Hughes
president, American Business Press, New York

Today, business-to-business information providers are well attuned to the global economy of the 1990s and as a result are experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. This organic growth is occurring at each of the American Business Press's 125 domestic publishing houses and extends far beyond magazines, our industry's traditional domain.

Business-to-business ad pages were up 4.8% in 1996 and 6.6% in 1997. Ad revenues increased 10% in 1996 over 1995 and 11.6% in 1997. Business-to-business books outperformed total advertising spending, which was up 7.4% in 1996 and 7.8% in 1997. In the past two years, business-to-business magazines have become the fifth-largest medium, following network television, spot television, newspapers, and consumer magazines.