Crispin Porter + Bogusky interview part one: Creating an innovation machine

Geoffrey Precourt

This interview continues in Part Two.

The notion is simple. If an agency gets a Widget account, it learns everything it can about Widgets. In fact, it can become so well-versed in Widgetry, that its knowledge is second only to the client's. Often, its third-party perspective even pushes it to the top of the knowledge pile.

With so much insight and understanding about the consumer, should an agency restrict itself to planning, creating and placing ads? Why shouldn't it make use of its acquired knowledge and get into the Widget business, either as a partner with its client or as an innovator producing goods and services that make for a fuller Widget experience?

This thinking underpins the belief at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (henceforth, Crispin) that client engagements only begin with the marketing. The agency, that began in Miami and now has offices in Boulder, Los Angeles, Gothenburg, and London, has an approach to product innovation that begins with advertising but moves beyond it in different directions.