Marketing food: Quorn's new appeal

Chris Wragg and Tony Regan
Quorn and Initiative UK

Meat substitute Quorn is broadening its market from vegetarians to appeal to the mass of healthy eaters in a quest to become a $1 billion global brand.

The Danone brand Activia changed the shape of food marketing and consuming habits, normalising what could have been a very niche and inaccessible pre- and probiotic category to become a $ 1 billion brand globally. Meat substitute Quorn is hoping to become the next Activia.

Quorn is an established brand but with huge undeveloped potential. Currently ranked at 35 among UK grocery brands, with a turnover of £129 million, the aim was to make it a Top 10 brand with a retail sales value of £300 million. Under new ownership since February 2011, the brand has already begun to lay the foundations of a repositioning from a vegetarian substitute to a mainstream healthy eating food brand.

The challenge