Two Thumbs Up

Chuck Kapelke

Advertising on the (really) big screen is ready for its close-up as marketers increasingly target moviegoers

For the Lexus IS F model debut, the company created a larger-than-life impact on moviegoers with its cinema ad campaign.

When marketers at Lexus wanted to convey the visceral power of the company's IS F model of car, they chose a venue that they knew would deliver: thousands of darkened, distraction-free movie theaters across the nation, all armed to the hilt with surround-sound speakers and massive high-resolution screens.

As audiences settled into their seats before their feature films began, they heard the deep grumbling of a Lexus engine played through the speakers along the left side of the theater. Then the car raced by on the screen before disappearing again off to the right as the engine's hum tapered off into the distance.