The burgers aren't better at Hungry Jack's!

Agency DDB Sydney
Advertiser McDonald's ANZ
Author Russ Mitchinson
Total Campaign Expenditure $10 - 20 million

Macca's has always been the home of the beef burger. Take the iconic Big Mac launched in 1967 in Pittsburgh, USA and unchanged for 42 years the world over. This burger defines the McDonald's brand, is used as a global benchmark and sometimes a currency index!1 Or the Quarter Pounder, created in California in 1971 and born of the belief that consumers were looking for a higher ‘beef-to-bun’ ratio, hence the name Quarter Pounder referring literally to a quarter pound of beef; what you see is what you get. Or the humble Cheeseburger, the biggest selling burger at Macca's2. With this proud heritage of beef burgers, Macca's should be free to dominate the landscape.