10 truths about Millennials

J Walker Smith
The Futures Company

The Millennial Generation is all about adaptability and using technology to invent new ways to play, share and consume, says The Futures Company's J Walker Smith

For all the attention and headlines they get, the Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y) are misunderstood. Much of what is said about them is anecdotal – good stories, not good theory. A great deal of what is reported about them from surveys is simplistic. Advanced analysis and long-term tracking data are needed to tease apart what is true of all youth from what is special about Millennial youth. A lot of the criticism directed at them comes from middle-aged experts pining for a bygone era that was stitched together with a yarn that has little bearing on the crazy-quilt complexity of life today. The Futures Company 2010 Global Monitor interviewed 27,000 people in 20 countries, and with this research a detailed assessment of the received wisdom about Millennials was completed. A new report, Unmasking Millennials:The Truth Behind a Misunderstood Generation, by Yannis Kavounis, a director at The Futures Company, and consultant Sophie Stringer, sets the record straight, including these ten truths about Millennials.