Redefining French Connection

Jo Hudson

Redefining French Connection


This is the story of how a team of thinkers faced up to one of the most infamous marketing campaigns of the 1990s and redefined both the brand and its customer.

'fcuk' remains one of the all time great marketing campaigns. But by 2009, it was actively contributing to the brand's image problems. Planning's big breakthrough was the following revelation:

Even though they made up a smaller proportion of sales, the key to success was unlocking the image of the men who shopped at French Connection. The reason for this was simple: as it stood, French Connection Woman did not want to 'fcuk' French Connection Man, and this was affecting her appetite for the whole brand.

With this revelation we realised our task: redefine man and woman and create a new couple for the brand. Planning and Creatives worked together to craft a compelling picture of what the 21st Century Man and Woman was, all put through the filter of the enduring qualities that made French Connection a much richer brand than 'fcuk' was ever able to portray.