Sony Corporation of America: What's Next? campaign

Chris Amorosino


At least four factors converged to make April 1997 the time for Sony Corporation of America to introduce a new brand-advertising campaign. Sony knew that as electronic technology continued its rapid pace of change the importance of a strong brand name would increase. Companies built around a product today might be unknown tomorrow if technology made that product or its category obsolete. A second factor was that Sony stood poised to unleash several major new digital products. This change would bring Sony into competition with new, powerful Internet and computer companies with high name recognition and vast resources of their own. Thirdly, Sony was better known among baby boomers than with younger generations. It wanted to groom its future customers for a lifetime relationship with Sony. A fourth factor was the desire to capitalize on a Sony strength while humanizing it. For 50 years Sony was a leading innovator in consumer electronics—a history of accomplishment worthy of being touted—but not without stressing the importance of people.