Coca Cola: I Lohas

David Elsworth
Coca Cola Export Corporation


How do you launch a local water brand in the face of strong imported brands and strong established local players? How do you create differentiation when the product itself is purely and simply, water?

We stopped looking at the business issue and started looking at the bigger vision of what the consumer wanted. We understood the shifting consumer psyche which left long established brands exposed to a “killer” new idea.

We reframed the key drivers of choice from water as a badge of provenance to a statement of one's commitment to the planet.

We revolutionized not just the communications but the packaging, visual identity and meaning imbedded in the choice of brand.

Our water brand became a choice which enables consumers to personally participate in environmental activism in a way that was simple, enjoyable and formed a habit they’d find hard to break. We turned the act of crushing the bottle into the symbol of taking action.