Europe by easyJet

Client: easyJet
Brand: easyJet
Agency: VCCP
Category: Best demonstration of Integrated Effectiveness
Country: United Kingdom

easyJet revolutionised air travel when it launched in 1995. With its extraordinary low prices, radical approach to efficiency and challenger behavior that would be copied around the world, easyJet pioneered a low cost category and expanded rapidly throughout Europe for more than a decade. However, by 2010, easyJet was facing unprecedented competition from both sides. National "flag carrier" airlines, who previously justified charging higher prices for better service, were beginning to adopt the low cost model that easyJet had pioneered and offering huge price reductions. At the same time an increasing number of new low cost entrants were creating an even more competitive price battle.

Along with great value, easyJet recognised the need to evolve their communications to demonstrate the broader benefits of flying with the airline. They had founded the low cost model but due to the behavior of some other low cost carriers, perceptions of the sector were being forced downwards. easyJet's advertising was heavily focused on price and price alone without much room to stretch upwards.