The last word from the East: Mobility, the great democratiser

Barney Loehnis
Ogilvy & Mather

In pursuing the smaller detail, we can often miss the bigger picture and so it seems as brands and agencies gear up to face the mobile revolution. They understand it is important, but they mistakenly implement mobile tactics that masquerade as strategies and they fail to see the transformational opportunity that mobility offers businesses and consumers.

The answer to mobile's potential is nothing to do with devices and phones or mobile media; it has little to do with Android or iOS; it is only partially related to location; and has very little to do with Apple or Samsung.

In fact, mobile is all about people; it is all about the empowered consumer with the ability to control the world around them, unconstrained by physical terminals and locations.

More importantly, it is about the transformative impact of mobility to democratise education and training; deliver healthcare to every corner of the planet; and improve access to utilities and government services. From a business perspective, mobile offers the potential to extend services and transactions into the palms of consumers, 24/7.