Sustainable Profits = Social Profits = Maximum Profits

Navendu Tripathi
Mindshare India, Group M

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Can brands maximise profits and be a force for social good?

The word 'maximization' comes with assumptions about space and time, within which the said quantity is maximized. When it comes to 'profits', the time period is usually quarterly or annual or five to ten years, dependent on the business objective and context. The space is usually the confines that define the entity being discussed without much regard to the affects outside of that space or may be even the time period.

Thus, traditional business thinking has been honed in an environment where profits have been defined in a boxed way. A box of time and space where a maxima is reached, even if it comes at the cost of corroding the very system or environment on which it stands, thus resulting in an unsustainable business model in the long run.