Schwartz – Broadcast Sponsorship of Channel 4's Richard & Judy


In 2005, Schwartz sponsored 'Richard and Judy' (R&J) on Channel 4. This was their first ever foray into the world of sponsorship, having previously only ever relied on traditional TV spot advertising. They transferred their entire marketing budget into sponsorship in the belief it would achieve the tough business and marketing objectives that they had to face.

In 2006, the success of this activity led to the renewal of not only the R&J show, but also saw them become the new sponsor of 'Paul O Grady on C4', sponsors of Saturday Cooks on UK television station ITV and take ownership of weeknights and Saturdays on UKTV Food for 12 months.

This case study charts Schwartz's introduction to sponsorship in 2005, why it worked for them and how it has ultimately transformed the way in which they now approach media planning.