Women's Refuge: Framing the Reality of Domestic Violence

Category: Limited Budget – Less than $150,000
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Client: Women’s Refuge


Women’s Refuge used a core consumer insight – the invisibility of domestic violence – to demonstrate just how close the issue of domestic violence can be.

The strategy worked, and Women’s Refuge saw their most successful appeal in over five years, and fantastic ROI for every dollar spent – a massive achievement in a tough communications climate.


Women’s Refuge needed to gain cut-through for a mature cause, expand the donor base and capture the maximum share of wallet in a crowded charity market.

Additionally, research had shown that the public found it easier emotionally to support a charity campaign that appears to attack the source of the problem, rather than deal with the unfortunate outcomes or symptoms of that problem. And Women’s Refuge was perceived to operating in the territory of dealing with the outcomes.