From the editor: Mad Men RIP

Colin Grimshaw

Advertising used to be a piece of cake. The client, in need of a push to make his sales target (and his bonus), heads over to Madison Avenue to brief the good guys at Sterling Cooper. A bottle of bourbon and two packs of Marlboro later, Don Draper spits out the snappy copyline, and his minions go off to craft it into a 30-secondTV spot and 25×4 press ad. After a convivial dinner with Don and Roger (Sterling), the client heads back to New Jersey. And that's it. Job done for another year.

Then along came that pesky internet with its chatrooms and social media, allowing the great unwashed to ignore your carefully crafted communication and, instead, to talk about your brand with millions of other, like-minded people, influencing attitudes towards your brand and the inclination to purchase it. At the same time, technology accelerated the marketing process. Promotion and pricing decisions, which once took months to implement, are now made today and executed overnight. And the need for competitive reaction is equally instantaneous.