The Antecedents of Consumers' Negative Attitudes Toward SMS Advertising: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Study

Gonzalo Luna Cortés and Marcelo Royo Vela
University of Valencia

In view of the exceptional development of mobile phone use, the advertising industry is becoming increasingly interested in this medium for communicating commercial content (Malhotra and Segars 2005; Lee, Tsai, and Jih 2006).

In this area of analysis, investigations have for the most part focused on the three main antecedents that stimulate a positive attitude toward mobile advertising: informativeness, entertainment, and credibility (Tsang, Ho, and Liang 2004; Barnes et al. 2005; Lee, Tsai, and Jih 2006; Okazaki 2007; Xu 2007; Mir 2011), but less empirical examination has been done to analyze the antecedents that provoke a negative attitude toward mobile advertising, which has principally identified irritation as a major antecedent (Tsang, Ho, and Liang 2004). As a result, the information that precedes the irritation after the reception of an ad in the mobile phone is scarce.