Why Unilever is focusing on people, love and magic

John Davidson

"It's an incredibly exciting time to be in marketing, and an incredibly exciting time to be in marketing in Unilever," said Keith Weed, the company's chief marketing and communications officer, while speaking at dmexco 2013, a conference held in Cologne in September 2013.

Unilever is the world's second-largest advertiser, and has developed a marketing ideology called "Crafting brands for life". Weed took a deep dive into this philosophy to demonstrate precisely why the organisation is so confident about the digital future.

"To me, marketing is a great combination of creativity and effectiveness, of art and science, and – indeed – of magic and logic," he said. "What digital marketing enables us to do is more magic and more logic. What could be more magic then engaging people in different locations and different ways: mobile and social and search. What could be more logic then data, understanding … people, how they're shopping, what they want."

Push and pull on digital