Yahoo!: Subconscious storytelling – 'Unlocking the value of branded content and sponsorship'

MTM London and Yahoo!


The biggest challenge in online marketing, with all its data and measurability, has been proving brand marketing online is 1) effective and 2) measurable.

'Subconscious storytelling' is an innovative industry study which;

  • Achieved the first measurement for subconscious impact of branding and sponsorship online, alongside TV, print, and events
  • Provided online marketers with guidance on how to build deep connections with consumers online and tell sophisticated stories building brand equity
  • Demonstrated online marketing can be effective alone or alongside other media
  • Clarified the key ingredients for successful branding online.

We innovated by using an academically accredited method used for other media and applied to online for the first time – Implicit Response Test – alongside online blogging and traditional (survey, focus groups) research techniques to provide a comprehensive investigation of an increasingly important emerging online advertising opportunity.