ShopperScopeSM: Revolutionizing the shopper's path to purchase

Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett Chicago

The world of shopper marketing has forever been transformed, as the power now rests squarely in the hands of the shopper. The linear path to purchase is dead. Now, shopping journeys are complex, involving multiple channels, steps and decision points.

ShopperScopeSM was born out of the necessity to understand this evolved, highly empowered shopper—to unearth the emotions, motivations and needs surrounding her behaviors. This tool has generated breakthrough category insights and recommendations that have the ability to move our shoppers to action and purchase.

This submission illustrates the opportunities that are revealed when marketers look through a holistic and undeniably shopper-centric lens when tackling their marketing challenges.

The new face of shopper marketing

Shopper marketing will never be the same. A proliferation of tools and technology has shifted power from manufacturers and retailers to shoppers alone, changing our definition of shopping. Today's shoppers analyze products and make purchase decisions wherever and whenever, and they are capable of transacting at any point in their journey.