Agency: Leo Burnett Author: Matt Wyatt

Heinz – Everything you always wanted to know about beans (but were afraid to ask)

Matt Wyatt

Planning recognised that Heinz Baked Beans' 'nutritional credentials', allied with its other accepted qualities, made it a 'superfood' – a positioning that would allow beans-buyers to consciously reappraise beans as 'good for you' and buy them more often.


This is the story of how planning helped give birth to a neurotic superbean.

The British are bonkers about baked beans. One and a half million cans of them are eaten every day; people raise money for charity by sitting in bathtubs full of them; The Guinness Book of Records even has an entry for the Number of Baked Beans Consumed in Five Minutes Using Only a Cocktail Stick. We love them so much we have them with bacon for breakfast, potato for lunch and on toast for our tea.