The Bulmers Way

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The Modern Cider category was growing but becoming increasingly competitive through the introduction of new brands, and particularly with the advent of new flavours into the category.

In 2012, Bulmers needed to maintain their current volume to increase their market share across the whole range. In the on-trade this needed to succeed through increasing penetration and frequency of purchase, whilst in the off-trade it needed to secure more shoppers, and ensure existing drinkers purchased more.

Brand tracking scores in 'quality' measures were showing that Bulmers was behind key competitors and research tracking established that consumers saw other brands as 'worth paying more for' than Bulmers.

A quality campaign was needed to re-establish the premium attributes of the brand. This also needed to incorporate a bigger role for the new Bulmers glass (launched the previous year), whilst Bulmer's newest flavour – No.17 Crushed Red Berries and Lime – would become the lead variant after its very positive launch.

National context of the campaign