The Future of Brand Tracking Must Be Leaner and More Focused

Adhil Patel


The market research industry is relatively new, especially when compared to many of the hard sciences. However, it remains a largely immature discipline, with very little evidence of movement towards the kind of maturity that comes with scientific thought. Kühn (1970) coined the phrase paradigm shift, and suggested conditions under which it could occur, in addition to suggesting that the biggest shifts occur when the elders holding the dominant view actually die off. With a little luck, we won't have to wait as long as that to move our industry forward.

History suggests that changes in industry practises will be slow and slight, and the diffusion of ideas frustratingly pedestrian. However, increases in the inter-connectedness of people in general, but market researchers in particular must surely result in faster diffusion of ideas, and quicker implementation of best practise globally (Friedman and Smith, 2010).