Mobile marketing in India: Insights from Coca-Cola, Hindustan Unilever and United Breweries

Preeti Chaturvedi

Few marketers would dispute that India is a large, complex and unique place to do business. And each of these characteristics is reflected by the country's mobile sector. While the national smartphone audience is the fifth-largest in the world, reaching around 60 million people, this figure is just a fraction of the total mobile user base, estimated to stand at more than 700 million users.

While brand strategies and consumer habits are evolving fast where mobile is concerned, it is also noticeable that India has been home to many of the most innovative campaigns using this channel. Several such examples were presented at the MMA Forum, organised by the Mobile Marketing Association and held in New Delhi in September 2013.

Coke spreads a little happiness

Wasim Basir, director of integrated marketing communications at Coca-Cola India, revealed the soft drinks firm is taking small steps at present, but posited that engaging with consumers via wireless devices is today's reality and tomorrow's necessity. "The world is truly connected. And the best way to link up with and engage the consumer is via the mobile," he said.