What mobile can learn from radio – lessons from Unilever

Sarah Shearman

Marketers are devoting increasing amounts of time and attention to establishing the precise role of mobile within the wider media mix. But according to Babs Rangaiah, vice president of global media innovation and ventures at Unilever, the FMCG giant, they also need to consider the unique strategies and capabilities required to make inroads on this channel.

Speaking at Mobile Media Upfront, a trade event held in New York in May 2013, Rangaiah argued that whenever new media formats emerge, advertisers – as well as content providers – initially tend to "translate" their content and strategies from an older medium to the newer one.

"Ultimately we need to be reframing what mobile can be, because running banners and buttons and pre-roll and other stuff on mobile is not going to be the thing that really leverages what this medium has to offer," he told the conference audience.