Procter & Gamble Connect+Develop goes internal

Lisa Popyk

Campaign Details

Brand owner: P&G
Brand: P&G Connect+Develop
Campaign duration: Up to 3 months
Country: Global
Media budget (USD): N/A
Channels used: N/A

Executive summary

P&G had set itself a company-wide innovation goal. Key to the achievement of this goal was employee understanding, involvement and adoption of a group programme and philosophy, known as Connect+Develop. But surveys showed that all three were experiencing some degree of waning.

This case study of internal communications outlines how the company embarked on an initiative to re-connect P&G leadership and employees to the Connect+Develop approach.This multi-layered internal communications campaign created a global, multi-site 10-year birthday party with employee interaction, a new internal website, videos featuring top company leaders, viral messaging and an internal marketing campaign unprecedented in scope, content and execution.

Campaign background