Ikano Bank: How to revive passive credit card accounts


Entry Information

Category: Financial Products and Services
Country where program ran: Denmark
Dates program started/ended: August 2011 – May 2012

Product Description:

Ikano Bank offers private label credit card accounts for e.g. IKEA and a number of other big companies.

At the moment 8 partners are part of a credit card network, and the credit cards issued at these 8 partners can be used across partner stores. Thus an IKEA credit card can be used at TOYS'R'Us and vice versa.

Advertiser/Client Name: Ikano Bank
Media Channels: Email, Direct


Marketplace challenge:

Ikano Bank is a bank, but usually a "second bank". Customers have their primary bank accounts elsewhere, but have at some point opened a credit account with an attached credit card – often not knowing, that Ikano Bank is the financial partner.