McDonald's: Realtime Olympics

Icy Han and Jamo Woo

Campaign details

Brand owner: McDonald's
Agency: NIM Digital
Brand: McDonald's
Country: China
Channels used: Games and competitions, Internet - microsites, widgets, Mobile and apps, Social media, Sponsorship - event or property, Television
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

To augment the recognition of McDonald's London 2012 Olympics' sponsorship amongst Chinese consumers and to overcome the time difference between China and Britain, a smartphone app, 'Real-time Olympics', was created to engage consumers in the Olympic Games when they visited McDonald's outlets.

The app innovatively adopted GPS and motion-sensor technology to allow people to virtually 'compete' with Olympians simultaneously via a mobile game as they watched the Games live at any McDonald's outlet in China, which made it the world's first-ever Olympic Games where the audience were turned into 'athletes'.